About Us

Meet Jo and David for FREE Sex

Please Note: At the moment we are only meeting people at our socials and parties.

Meet Jo and David for FREE Sex

We are a pretty normal couple, (well not aliens) who are looking for sexy fun with single guys who are not into pain or bathroom games.

  • We are looking for straight single guys (under 50)
  • We are looking for groups of straight guys

We like to stay friends with the couples and guys we meet, guys can be a one time play or a regular toy depending upon how good you are!

Before asking to meet us please read the following 2 pages.

Jo Likes David Likes

People who send pictures will be replied to, except anyone sending just pussy/cock shots. These emails will be deleted without a reply (cuz we have those and know what/where to use them) Clothed or naked is fine, facial is a must! Please make sure they represent you now, not 5 years ago. Email or messages with no picture will not be responded to.

Us in 2021

jo and david 2021

If you are a couple, please make sure that you both want to play; we prefer to meet socially in a pub first so that we can all chat and make sure we like each other before heading for the bedroom. If either of us is unhappy then we do not play, and we would expect the same from you. We are not offended if someone decides they do not want to play, but would be if you had sex with one of us just to keep your partner happy.

Jo occasionally meet other singles on her own, if we are both happy with the situation. If she does play as a single, she always go home afterwards, she never does overnight stays as a single, though we do enjoy having a single guy spend the night with us.

We like to be friends with the people we play with, and if possible meet them on more than one occasion. This does not mean that we want to fall in love with you, or you fall in love with us. If you are looking for love, you are looking in the wrong place; swinging is for fun. We are happy to travel within reason to meet people, but we will not be able to meet them as often as people who live closer. We have dogs, so we have to arrange a pet sitter if we are going to be away from the house for more than 5 or 6 hours.

We are not a religious couple, though we were both brought up as Christians, we do not have any religious beliefs. We have no interest in discussing religion or politics when we meet, we are meeting people for a fun evening. We are happy to talk about almost any other topic, see our bio's to see if we share any similar interests with you.

Your skin colour is not a problem, we look for the person inside.

If you want to take pictures or video when we are playing we have no problem, as long as you give us a copy as well. If you want to publish them on your website, that's fine as well, as long as you allow us to put them on our websites.

We will not take pictures unless you want us too, and we never publish pictures on our sites without permission. The fun is our main reason for being in the scene and playing, the photos are secondary.

We both prefer bareback sex. One of our biggest turn on's is David eating and fucking Jo when she has already got 1 or 2 other guys cum inside her!

Please read the summary, and if you think you fit give us a shout, we won't hurt you...... just shag you and hopefully leave you with a smile and a great time wanting more in the future.

Where will you find us?

We used to live and work in the UK until 2004 when we moved to Spain. In March 2020 we moved home to New Brunswick in Canada.

We try to head to Asia for a month each year to have fun doing our other hobbies - Scuba Diving & Photography.


  • Couples should be aged 25-60
  • Single men should be aged 20-50
  • Men not too short for your weight
  • Respect other people when they say no
  • Enjoy giving and receiving oral
  • Well hung guys go to the top of the list
  • Heavy or repeat cummers welcome
  • Play Bareback
  • No "30 second men"
  • No fingers up the backside
  • No peeing or scatt games
  • Everyone must want to play
  • You can be a couple, a single male or small group of males.
  • You can be of any race or religion

Still want to meet us? drop us a message

Jo and David

Previous Playmates

jojo sucking Carls cock and flashing her pussy

Jojo sucking Carls cock and flashing her pussy

jojo fucking carl bareback

Jo fucking Carl bareback

Carl and I arranged to meet up for some bedroom fun and to do some pictures for one of my websites.

If you fancy doing some pictures with me, or even just having a shag, check out what I like and if you match my wants then drop me a line.

Jo xx