Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did You Build This Site?

The main reason was that we were being asked for photos all the time by people who had seen our swingers ads on various contact websites.

Rather than keep sending emails attaching photos, which were often too big for their email restrictions, we decided to create a gallery where people could see us, and some of our friends who are happy to have their images reproduced.

How Can I / We Meet You?

We are swingers, so we do not just meet and play with anyone. Swingers only have sex with people to whom they are attracted, either visually or mentally.

The first step to meeting us is to read the pages that explain what we are looking for, if you genuinely meet our criteria fill out the form on the Ask To Meet Us page and we will consider the request.

Are All The Pictures Of You?

Yes. All the photos in Jo's Galleries are of Jo and a lover. All the pictures in David's Galleries are of David and a playmate.

The pictures span from 2001 to now, so our hair lengths and colours change and the number of tattoos change and like everyone else we get older as the years go by.

The only gallery that has pictures created by other people is the cum shot gallery. Most are of us, but some images have been sent to us by guests who have viewed the site.

How Can We Meet The Other People In The Photos?

We do not publish contact details of the people we play with unless we are asked to by them. If the details are not on the gallery page then we cannot provide you with that information.

Do You Travel To Meet People?

We travel to meet people in our own province in Canada. If people are further afield in Canada we may arrange to visit them if we are doing a road trip.

If people are in another country we may visit them as part of a diving holiday. We travel through the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia almost every year, so we may be able to hook up in one of those countries.

Now we have moved to Canada we will explore the diving in Florida, Mexico, The Caribbean and Belize, so we may be able to meet you there.

Do You Take Photos or Videos With Everyone?
Must We Have Our Photos Taken For A Meet?

No, we only take photos or videos where everyone is happy having their photo taken.

We meet for fun, the photos and videos are just an added bonus.

Having photos or videos taken is not a requirement to meet.

We only publish the photos or videos on here when the person has given us permission to do so.

We do not sell or make money from the photos or videos we take.

Can We Use Your Content On Our Site?

If you want to use any of our content please get in touch with us first.

We are happy to exchange content with other Free To Use Exhibitionist sites.

We do not provide content to sites that charge fees to view the content.

If we have met and played and photos or videos have been taken, you are free to use them on your own sites, member profiles, or member galleries either free to view or paying member galleries.