About This Site

Jo and David

The site serves two purposes

  • It is a way for us to meet new swinging friends and lovers.
  • It allows us to share our images and stories without exchanging dozens of emails.

We are adult webmasters who have built over 400 websites.

Between us we run many well known swingers, cuckold, gay, lesbian, exhibitionist, BDSM and Fetish sites, but we built this one as we thought that it would be useful for potential playmates to be able to find out more about us without dozens of emails flying back and forth.

Many of the photos were originally on a members only site (called gojojogo) that Jo created in 2001. When she closed the site she moved the galleries to this site.

We have put in lots of information about us, our likes and dislikes plus lots of photos for those who enjoy a bit of good hardcore action.

We live a lifestyle commonly called "Swinging" in most of the world, or sometimes just the lifestyle in Canada and the USA. Swinging is where people share partners with the knowledge, consent and encouragement of their life partners. If you would like to find out more about swinging and swingers have a look at this information site What is Swinging?. Our swinging lifestyle is not cheating or deceitful in any way. People involved in the swinging scene are more open and honest about their relationships than people who have affairs or flings. We will never play with someone without the knowledge and blessing of the other, most of the time we actually prefer to share the experience as we get a lot of enjoyment watching each other having sex with other people.

We have lived together since August 2001, and during the whole of our relationship we have shared ourselves with other couples and singles who we found attractive and good company. We are always on the look-out for new friends to share our experiences with. To find out if you are the sort of person we are looking for have a look at "About Jo" and "About David" pages.

We work from our home in Canada, mainly building and maintaining adult contact websites and swingers club sites. We also run swingers parties at our home and socials at a hotel in nearby cities.

Whenever we can we take a trip to somewhere new, to explore the country and culture, to dive in their waters - when they are warm enough, and to explore the swinging scene - if we can find it.

sally licking jojo

Sally licking Jo's Pussy

sally fucking Jo with a dildo

Sally fucking Jo with a dildo

This was Sally and I putting on a show for a big group of guys in a club in the UK

We were the warm up show to get the guys horny for a bukkake.

You can see more of these images in Jo's Galleries